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Selina and the Howlin Dogs combines a classic power-trio with female lead vocals playing upbeat funky blues rock with a dash of hip hop for a contemporary sound.

Selina Arch | Lead vocals

Selina started her musical voyage at the age of 16 working with local and budding producers showcasing her singing and songwriting abilities through various recordings and performances. In 2002 Selina was given the opportunity to perform a live session in Maida Vale for the John Peel Show on BBC’s Radio 1’s with a UK hip-hop/reggae group called, ‘The Coalition’.

In 2004 a song she had written called, ‘Don’t You Think’ came 4th place in the Unisong international songwrting contest in the RnB category out of over 5000 entries as well as receiving an Honorary Mention in 2006 for another song she had written called ‘So Go’. From here Selina was called upon to contribute towards songs for other growing artists and was fortunate to have tracks recorded by some renowned local producers and artists such as Ski Rize studios, Catch 22, Engine Earz and 4Fingaz.

Selina has an eclectic mix of musical influences ranging from Indie, Alternative, Dance and RnB to SKA, Soul and good old 80s classics. Basically if it sounds good and it makes her move….she’s in!



Alan Burgin | Guitar/vocals

It all began many years ago when the three Burgin brothers formed a band called Clean Mirror, when 3 hour jams of one song were the norm. Next came The Raildogs, a well respected rock band likened to a cross between Led Zeppelin and Little Feat. In those days the guitar solo ruled – ah, happy times. During this period there was a call to perform covers at some band-aid look-a-like events, so Shot To Bits was formed.

When The Raildogs finally disbanded he joined two covers bands: Fat Clams (as the drummer!) and Cross Town Traffic.

Currently Alan also plays in the covers band Recovered.


Mark Peace | Bass/rap/vocals

Mark grew up on a mix of the likes of Muddy Waters through to Rage Against the Machine, the Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill. Mark began playing bass guitar and rapping already at school.

Through his Uni years (97-2000) Mark first played in Fuser then went on to rap with funk/metal band JFK and local dance project Doberman.


Tobias Andersson | Drums/vocals

Born in Sweden, Tobi’s first encounter with playing music was on his first day of school. A change was made from trumpet to drums after “not being allowed not to play an instrument” by his father – a well renowned musician and teacher of jazz improvisation. Mainly focusing on jazz; he gained a wealth of experience playing in various jazz combos, orchestras, percussion units and big bands as well as playing in a 10-piece soul cover band whilst at University. When Tobi moved to the UK he started playing in local Reading rock band Fuser, jazz funk group Tonic and formed the current band with bass player Mark.